Following the interns’ first day (“My First Day”), J.D. happens to the realization that this field will be really challenging, particularly having a patient that won’t quit smoking notwithstanding the risk of cancer and an extremely reluctant guide. (“My Mentor”) J.D. frets that his best mate Turk may have made an error during an operation, and discovers himself needing Elliot. (“My Best Friend’s Mistake”) Each one of these three interns come to terms with the reality that all of their cases will fall when they each treat charismatic cases who cease up passing away. (“My Old Lady”) They also discover that they won’t be capable of making everybody in the hospital happy at the same point, particularly Dr. Kelso’s strict business rules and Dr. Cox’s obligation to the patients’ well-being. (“My Two Dads”) J.D. has sex with a patient, only to find out later it is Dr. Cox’s ex-wife Jordan Sullivan. (“My Bad”) His luck doesn’t improve when jealousy takes the best of him when different intern surpasses him as a physician (“My Super Ego”) or when he and Turk shift the reluctant spokesman for the hospital. (“My Fifteen Minutes”) J.D. gets a feeling of Sacred Heart’s medicine when he is accepted as a patient (“My Day Off”) and understands how much he is learning and surpassing his and other co-workers knowledge. (“My Nickname”) The interns encounter their first Christmas at Sacred Heart, each undergoing a different Christmas revelation. (“My Own Personal Jesus”) In the next few months, J.D. faces a woman in an MRI machine and invites her out to a date (“My Blind Date”) only to should predicaments managing his secrets and work experiences (“My Balancing Act”) and to find out she is not what she seems. (“My Drug Buddy”) As a consequence, J.D. and Elliot hook up, but their connection ends soon after. (“My Bed Banter & Beyond”) J.D. and Elliot duck each other, and J.D. directs his care to Dr. Cox, who appears to be in a perfectly foul mood. (“My Heavy Meddle”) The interns have a day with selected students and all struggle with all of their students. (“My Student”) Elliot and Carla consider they learn a secret about Dr. Kelso, while the rude Chief of Medicine transfers J.D. through a Morbidity and Mortality discussion for potential malpractice. (“My Tuscaloosa Heart”) The interns parents visit them at their job (“My Old Man”), and shortly after J.D. and Turk dispute about handling patients surgically or medically. (“My Way or the Highway”) Elliot starts dating a patient and Carla starts to tease Turk about the weight he is obtaining. J.D., meanwhile, has another obstacle of being afraid of becoming sick. (“My Sacrificial Clam”) Dr. Cox’s genuine friend comes soon after J.D. has gotten over his fear and is diagnosed with an unfortunate disease. (“My Occurrence”) Dr. Cox has a dilemma regarding his friend undergo treatment, but J.D. recognizes this gives him all the more an excellent mentor. (“My Hero”) At the completion of their first cycle at Sacred Heart, the new interns become residents and use the progress they made together. (“My Last Day”)