SCRUBS - "My Waste of Time" - XXXX, on "Scrubs" airing on NBC on THURSDAY, XXX (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET). (ABC STUDIOS/DEAN HENDLER) NEIL FLYNN

SCRUBS – “My Waste of Time” – XXXX, on “Scrubs” airing on NBC on THURSDAY, XXX (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET). (ABC STUDIOS/DEAN HENDLER)

Glen Matthews, more regularly recognized as the Janitor, was the unproductive maintenance and handyman at Sacred Heart Hospital until he disappeared and was never heard from again. He seldom actually did the duties of his job, but preferably spent his moments plotting how to annoy J.D., with whom he played many pranks. He was an enthusiastic liar, and almost every story or anecdote he told characters was a fib. He also led the Brain Trust group and appeared to be the leader of the custodial staff. Janitor remained married to “Lady” Williams, but for a long time was fascinated by “Blonde Doctor” Elliot Reid. He wrestled with Dr. Cox at times, but his greatest competition was from Dr. Kelso, who usually bothered him regarding not doing his job. He was scared of Carla, but periodically pranked Turk. Some times it seems his pranks fall a little short so dumping someone into the dumpster which always encourages a laugh.The new Janitor was depicted by Neil Flynn and arrived in 166 episodes of Scrubs as the central character for seven seasons. He first emerged in “My First Day” and was last viewed in a flashback in “Our First Day of School,” in that he simply strolled out of the hospital after discovering that J.D. was never returning to Sacred Heart. Ever since the Janitor noticed J.D. place a penny in a door, he dedicated half his life to disturbing him and performing pranks on him. He irritated J.D. daily and took anything J.D. said to him as an offense about breathing nothing but a janitor. The Janitor also seldom took it upon himself to give J.D. a reality check when he felt that J.D. was egotistical, (“My New Game”) (“My Jiggly Ball”) (“My Identity Crisis”), alleging that J.D. “forces him to make his life miserable.” (“My Own Worst Enemy”) J.D. was Janitor’s most popular victim and was stricken on by him nearly each day. Janitor knew J.D.’s profession and didn’t impede in the way of his job, but simply made things a little more complicated. Despite this, the two experienced some special bonding moments over the years. For example, after considering he saw Janitor in The Fugitive, J.D. got confirmation that Janitor had performed in the film. He revealed that he desired to be an actor to be the Janitor since it would make him more personable on the show that he once a set of dreams and ambitions, yet if they didn’t work out, rather than just acting like a big jerk. Janitor also helped J.D get to Kim’s ultrasound, though this could be the event of Janitor’s falling out of a fast-moving vehicle. The Janitor was prepared to put aside his rivalry with J.D. when it was in the interest of another, such as when they worked collectively to advocate Ted to get a girl (though this alliance stopped when Ted received the girl). He was also ready to be kind to J.D. on some occasion, such as when J.D.’s father died.