Cox is a senior attending doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital and is more the Chief of Medicine for the hospital. Dr. Cox is about 47 years old and of Irish descent. (“My Friend the Doctor”) He is the cynical, bitter mentor of J.D.. Cox routinely raves at and belittles J.D., despite his seemingly rough handling of him is meant as conditioning for the relentlessness and horrors of infirmary life, as well as an outlet for Dr. Cox’s disappointment in his individual life. He is privately proud of J.D. and believes he has the potential to grow into an incredible doctor. He was elevated to Chief of Medicine following Bob Kelso recommended him for the job. He was hesitant to take it at first, but when he recognized he likes hating people, and everybody previously loathed him, he was fine with acquiring the job. (“My Cookie Pants”) Although the current job is demanding, he attempts to do all that is requires and see some patients. This is very tough, and he irregularly forgets to do things Dr. Cox is the reluctant guide of J.D. He engaged J.D. on his first day as an intern and has regularly been harsh and sarcastic with him. (“My First Day”) He rarely charges J.D. by his real name, but preferably by a girl’s title or Newbie. This is his tough-love way to teaching, but still, when they are outside of the hospital, he remains the same mean mannerisms. When his harshness appears to put a little too much tension on J.D., Cox understands when to lay off and holds from time to time acted supportively. Also, when J.D.’s dad, Sam Dorian, passes away, Cox consoles him in his moment of sadness. (“My Cake”) He is not, though, a very generous ear to listen to J.D.’s dilemmas, for he doesn’t appear to care about his own life, and often states that he has plenty of problems of his own. Following Cox’s advancement to Chief of Medicine, J.D. takes up the role of the person who nags him to get tasks done throughout the hospital and is apparently successful in these efforts. (“My New Role”) (“Their Story II”) When J.D. proclaimed that he was leaving Sacred Heart, Cox originally looked happy, but Elliot concluded that he was actually bothered that J.D. starting after all of the times he regularly taught him things. (“My Chief Concern”) It is simply in (“My Finale”) that it is revealed how Dr. Cox really feels about J.D. After J.D moves out of the room, an intern starts to insult J.D. Causing Dr. Cox to show her that he is the best doctor to go to the hospital. Because of how much he regarded him and that he was not only an exceptional physician but also an amazing person. He includes his protégé as a friend. However, it turns out J.D prepared with the intern to provoke him to anger Dr. Cox, and after J.D embraces Dr. Cox and leaves, Dr. Cox states to the new intern “You do realize he can go, but you have to stay?” under a menacing manner.