Carla was a dedicated and hard functioning nurse and now is a full-time mother. Seldom she would have to put up with indifferent nurses or inexperienced interns, but sooner than bragging regarding how she really operated the hospital, Carla is humble. If Carla has anything on her mind she will address it, and will perform it as sassy as plausible, going as far as providing advice where it is improper. She is strong willed but also has a soft side. She espoused surgeon Chris Turk in her 11th year in Medicine, just three years following she met him. They are happily wedded and have at least two daughters comprising of Isabella, who was birthed in 2006, “My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby and My Baby’s Baby” also another girl who was presented in 2009. (“My Absence”) Although she and Turk are joined, she doesn’t share his last title with him because she wants to maintain her cultural fashion. Although Carla was produced in the U.S., her mother was born in the Dominican Republic. Carla speaks fluent Spanish. Carla has a younger bro, Marco, who dislikes Turk because Turk confused him as a valet at Marco and Carla’s mom wake. Carla also has two sisters older Maria and Gabriella, who inadvertently had her eyebrow totally waxed off by Elliot, the time of Carla and Turk’s wedding. Elliot Reid is Carla’s grounded decision and best friend. Because Elliot can get absurd and neurotic at points, Carla usually has to bring her back to Earth. One of the questions I always have is how are their carpets so clean all the time they probably use a steam cleaner.

Carla is a guide for Elliot. She is an excellent source of help if Elliot has a dilemma with a relationship or moral dilemma. The duo didn’t get along great together when Elliot initial came to Sacred Heart, but the more time they spent commonly, the better they got to know each other, this made them became friends. Carla frequently stands up for Elliot if she puts her foot in her mouth. Elliot often refers to Carla when she requires being tough, often saying that Carla has “other side of the tracks” experience.”Carla and Dr. Cox are known friends, but there practiced to be more. Before Turk came to Sacred Heart, Dr. Cox and Carla dated for a short time. Although he fell for her, she didn’t respond the same approach and terminated the relationship. When Turk appeared, Dr. Cox still liked her but promised not to do something on purpose to destroy what Turk and Carla had. (“My Drug Buddy”) Though she’s the subordinate to Dr. Cox, she is, in fact, the only one at Sacred Heart staff whose evaluation he values and who he treats like an equal. Despite often caustic dialogue, they are close friends, and he is Carla’s dearest confidant on the show.